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Weight Loss: Top tips to get you ready for Summer.

This blog contains TIPS for anyone rushing to get beach body ready!

WARNING: It does not contain fad diets or myths and will require you to exercise.


The biggest mistake people make is rushing to get "beach body ready" using ridiculous fads or starvation methods. I do try and tell people not to leave their diet 2 weeks before holiday resulting in them having shake replacements, slimming tablets or a lettuce leaf for lunch.

What we really should be aiming for is a healthy sustainable lifestyle all year round, there may be peaks and troughs, however this sustainability is far more beneficial to your bodies long term health and appearance.


Nevertheless, that sustainability is the ideal situation, some people strive for it and others don't, so I think it is important that health and fitness experts cover some "quicker yet healthy" ways to lose weight and tone up for summer in order to reduce the amount of unhealthy habits out there.



The human body uses the sugar (glucose) from the food we consume for

energy, however if we have more sugar than the body needs, the liver converts it into fat. This is why too much sugar causes weight gain as well as a whole host of other problems like tooth decay, mood swings and fluctuating energy levels.

Sugars from natural sources like fruit are a great alternative to sweet food as they contain other benefits such as vitamins and minerals whilst also containing fibre, making it easier for the body to digest. So if you have those sugar cravings, grab some strawberries and start to appreciate natural sweetness again.

You also have to be careful with all the clever marketing that is going on, labels are drawing us in to a false sense of what is healthy. This innocent smoothie has the same amount of sugar as these doughnuts because the fruit in the smoothie is completely broken down, so what remains is pretty much the sugar left from the're far better off eating your fruit whole.


The whole no carb diet is not sustainable and leaves you feeling hungry and lacking in energy. Definitely ditch the white carbs like white pasta, rice and bread and stick to small portions of brown rice, quinoa or potato. These alternatives contain fibre and other vital nutrients our body needs, where as the white simple carbs are stripped from all of this goodness.

By having small portions of complex carbs (the good stuff) you can sustain your healthy diet even if it is for just 2 weeks as you won't be painfully hungry and you'll use these foods as energy pre and post work out. The body needs carbs to function!


Some people, regardless of the recipe in front of them will cook more than needed and quite often the carbohydrate on the plate is piled up as the biggest part of the meal.

Reduce the amount of carbs you have and increase the amount of vegetables you have on your plate; vegetables have fewer calories and can be just as filling in greater quantities. These portion swaps make a big difference. Go for dark green leafy vegetables at night time and more colourful vegetables during the day time, it is important to get an array of veg in your diet but green vegetables are particularly great for the evening as the sugar levels are lower.

Also swap fatty meats for lean meat, such as chicken and fish for meat such as pork and lamb which are much higher in fat.


If you've left it last minute to feel a little lighter before holiday then I suggest exercising as much as you can, meaning a minimum 5 times a week. Each session needs increase your heart rate and get you sweating!

For us to lose weight the body's metabolism needs to be working so it can burn excess calories in the body, so the more energy we use in training the more fat we burn. If you find you don't have time then slot in 2 x 20 minute body weight exercises in, one before work and one after. There is always time, it's just motivation that is lacking, think of the holiday photos, that should do it!


Try and refrain from having additional calories through snacking. This is so

common especially when you feel like you're on a diet, all you want to do is eat.

Have 3 balanced meals each with the right portions of complex carbs, protein, fibre and veg to keep you fuller for longer. If you're bored or sniffing around for snacks infuse water with fresh fruit and sip on that until your next meal. It might be tough but that's what you have to put up with for leaving it last minute! Don't worry! Your body soon gets used to having just 3 meals and this is how I prefer to eat anyway,

I only sometimes grab a snack pre work out for additional energy or if gaps between meals is more than 4 hours.

So there you have it...

1. Cut out sugar 2. Ditch white carbs 3. Assess your portion sizes 4. Exercise 5. Stop snacking & stay hydrated

5 healthy tips that will help you lose weight prior to your holidays if you've left it too late!

Leave the fad diets behind you and start focusing on sustainable, healthy and natural solutions. You'll be surprised at how effective they are!

My sister has adopted these tips into her lifestyle and dropped a massive 2 dress sizes in weeks.