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The London Marathon - What a Day!

What an amazing experience the London Marathon was. I woke up feeling confident and raring to go, all my hard work and training made me feel more than ready to take the bull by the horns and hit my 3 hours 30 minute goal.

I travelled up to Greenwich with my

parents and Granddad who had the pleasure of sitting in VIP at the finish line all day, thank you to The Watch Gallery and TAG Heuer for your amazing hospitality. As we parted directions on the London Underground I was on my own and able to zone out into my GET IT DONE element. When I arrived at Greenwich green, the atmosphere was buzzing, lots of nervous faces but general excitement all round.

The race was due to start, headphones went in, music was pumping, I don’t listen to my usual type of music for long distance running, I like to keep it vocal free and really pumped. This helped me keep to a good rhythm without distraction of lyrics. The race went off to a slow start, which is understandable considering it was the largest marathon yet. I felt like I was walking for the first mile as we were let off sporadically, but eventually it picked up.

I found my pace quickly and reached half way (13 miles) in an hour and 46 minutes. My brother, sister and friends were there to cheer me on and keep my motivated and the general public were unreal every step of the way. Hearing my name being called out and getting cheered on was such a boost, I can imagine this kept majority of people going through out the race.

It got to the 24th mile and I felt a bit of a niggle in my hamstring. In terms of my cardiovascular fitness I felt fine, my legs however started to reach exhaustion. You can see it in my face in this picture below. Nevertheless, I was only 2.2km away from the finish line and although I had to slow down slightly I was still in touching distance of reaching my goal. The Lucozade drinks and the amazing crowd kept me going. I saw the finish line ahead, my mum on the side screaming away, I had made it and it felt like an amazing achievement and a huge relief. I received my medal and wore it with absolute pride.

Thank you again, The Watch Gallery & Tag Heuer for this amazing opportunity and challenge. I highly recommend anyone to do it, it’s tough and it will take over your life for several months if you train properly. However, it is definitely worth it.