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My 10 Top Tips for the Marathon...

I've been training really hard for the London Marathon for the last 2 months and have learnt a lot along the way. This blog post will be highlighting my top 10 tips for the London marathon on the 23rd of April, not long now.

  1. Wear the right trainers

Footwear is key our feet and legs take

on so much impact and strain, so you need footwear that not only supports you but also takes on some of that impact. They say you should replenish your trainers every 10 miles, the soles on proper running trainers are designed to help with all of the above so when they wear down, the shoe isn’t as effective.

2. Stay hydrated

You lose so much water from running lost distance, especially as the weather starts to pick up and temperature rises. I drink 2-3 litres on a normal day but when I exercise or go for a long run I’ll up it by a litre or 2. I wouldn’t advise drinking too much before or during the running but definitely keep your mouth hydrated rather than dry and ensure you get the liquids in after the race.

3. Eat the right food Pre & Post training

Fuelling your body with the right food is essential. I’ve included slightly increased portions of slow releasing carbs into all my meals to ensure I have enough calories/energy when running. I also ensure my meals are packed full of protein before and after running to aid my recovery of muscles and to keep me full.

4. Wear suitable clothing

When running long distances you need to feel comfortable and light. I wear Adidas’ range of ClimaCOOL or ClimaHEAT clothing as they are light weight and designed to help with the body’s temperature. The dry quickly when wet and so you don’t find yourself being weighed down by sweaty clothes.

5. Keep your playlists updated

Music has to be good. It may not be for everyone, but I find listening to motivational tracks really useful, especially in the last few miles. It keeps me entertained and focused; I’m not a huge fan of listening to my own thoughts and heavy breathing for several hours.

6. Find a motivating running partner

I love running with other people, again this may be personal preference but it keeps me motivated, I feel less inclined to stop. I’m either super competitive or simply a team player, either way it has been a massive help. I’ve loved running with good friends and fellow fitness influencers, @Talillahenchoz and @Ajodudu, go check them out!

7. Vary your training methods

I have found that by still including boxing, HIIT and some weight training into my programme has allowed me to continue to build on my overall fitness and has ensured that I have not lost strength in my legs and glutes. Doing a lot of running can start to burn muscle, I didn’t want this to happen too much because you still need that strength in your legs and core to keep the body supported and comfortable.

8. Rest, stretch and mobilise

Allowing your body to rest is vital. You most definitely shouldn’t run every

day; the body needs time to recover. Running is very tiring sport and is high impact on bones, joints and muscles so show it some love and have some days off.

You also need to attend to your muscles, stretch and mobilise using a foam roller or similar equipment. The muscles can become tight and sore and you really need to avoid injury as much as possible. I love to stretch after a hot bath with Epsom salts.

9. Try and enjoy it!

I’m not going to lie, when I decided to embark on this marathon journey, because it has felt like a journey. I felt apprehensive, but I’ve learnt to enjoy the challenge and it has made it a lot easier. Once I removed my negative thoughts, what if, but etc I started to run better and longer. So try and enjoy it!

10. Track your progress

It’s great to know how fast you’re running and of course how many miles you’re covering. I find a phone is too bulky for this so prefer to track my progress with a smart watch. I’ve been lucky enough to trial out the new sport watches by Tag Heuer in association with my partnership with The Watch Gallery, and I have to say their new Connected sport watch is amazing.

More detailed information on the above points then please have a look through my previous blog posts. I’ve discussed lots of my top tips in great detail!

Good luck with the running!