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The importance of rest, recovery and time out...

I'm one of those people who finds it very hard to do nothing, there has to be some part of my day that involves working towards my social media content or fitness goals.

However, new research from Bupa shows that only one in 20 of us pause

during the day and take time out from our busy lives. This really hit home, it made me realise how much of my time goes into working. My job is so social media focused, so all of those minutes I’m on my phone scrolling, I class as work. As a result, my working day doesn’t stop when I walk out of the gym, it feels pretty constant and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. They say we are less likely to take some time out, due to work commitments, social pressure and technology. I can 100% relate to that, I need a holiday just thinking about it!

So after realising that I don’t give myself enough time to switch off, I’m working with Bupa to take time out of my active schedule and encourage you to embrace those precious moments of rest after a busy day or a tough week in the gym, so you can get back to doing what you love. That was the reason for my "pause" post on Instagram, it forced me to give the demands of social media and work a 24 hour break.

Now that doesn’t mean creating more time to go boozing or eat endless tubs of ice cream, make those days of rest beneficial ones. Meet up with friends over lunch, or catch up on your favourite programmes with a cup of tea. I’ll definitely be making more time for my friends and watching the latest films.

Usually, I find it a lot easier to just keep going and I feel lazy if I’m not having a productive day, so I ensure every day is packed full of activities

that in some way contribute to my career. Whether that is training clients, creating video content or attending events I’m always on the go. It was only recently that I had a little wake up call with an injury to my shoulder that required 2 weeks of rest. Over doing it in the gym and pushing my muscles without rest meant a 2 week set back which is far less productive than 2 days of vital rest.

We live in a culture where being non-stop is praised and even considered normal behaviour; taking time out isn’t celebrated enough. I know more than anyone that it can sometimes be exacerbated by social media because your phone is constantly to hand. Keeping my daily social media posts innovative and engaging can sometimes bring on the pressure, which leads me straight back to the gym to build new content. I have to ensure that from now on I balance my time in order to prevent physical injuries and exhaustion, by ensuring I make time for rest and recovery. Thank you Bupa for the important reminder!

So if like me you haven’t taken time out and this has resulted in injury, then think about how you might get yourself well again with Bupa’s pay as you go range of treatments and services. You don’t need health insurance or a contract to access physiotherapy and GP appointments which is ideal and really convenient. I wish I knew this when I had my injury!

But let’s try and not let it get to that stage, use this post as your first reminder to stop, relax, rest and recover, so sporting injuries and general exhaustion doesn’t stop you from doing what you love.

Bupa looks at health and well being wholly and believes that small acts like taking time out are vital for recovery and our ongoing general well being, I agree. I rather not get continuously injured and so will be taking my rest period and recovery time a lot more seriously from now on.

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Time to put my feet up and watch a movie...