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Start your Healthy New Years Resolution now!

The cliché time to join the gym, train hard, eat well and kick start that new healthy lifestyle seems to be January. It’s a bit like “diet starts Monday”, we’ve fallen into a bit of trap, one that is utilised by brands and magnified by marketing.

There is no doubt that when the days feel shorter, the mornings are darker and the temperature drops, finding the motivation to train is especially hard. Not only that, but Christmas is around the corner and so we naturally adopt a laid back attitude towards our diets and indulgent comfort food quickly fills the shelves. It is so easy to result back to the sofa, turn up the heating and wait for summer to return. HOWEVER as a result many of us are feeling sluggish, putting on weight and regretting it, using Christmas as an excuse to eat whatever we like.

So my solution to this is....

Start by making those healthier choices now, why wait for January when you’re still trying to get over the festivities? If you get into the swing of things prior to Christmas and the New Year, you’ll enjoy it a lot more without the worry of your weight increasing and all the other side effects too much indulgence can bring.

Benefits of starting your new healthy lifestyle prior to Christmas:

  1. You’ll continue to build up your immune system ready to fight the colder months of December and January.

  2. With a lack of sunshine, you’ll get your happy vitamin D from a good diet and those endorphin's from regular exercise.

  3. The days may seem shorter because they’re darker but gym opening times remain the same, extend your day by being proactive; don’t let the darkness fool you.

  4. You’ll feel incredible in all your new Christmas clothes and outfits for those Christmas and NYE parties.

  5. By eating right and regularly exercising you are making allowances for the extra alcohol and indulgences we tend to enjoy around this time of year.

  6. Lastly, you’ll simply feel better, more energised and ready to take the festive period by the baubles!

Healthy Wholesome food can be comforting too. Like my Garlic, Chilli and Prawn spaghetti.

Healthy Wholesome food can be comforting too. Like my Garlic, Chilli and Prawn spaghetti. See above.

I strongly believe that by changing our attitude towards health and fitness and seeing it as part of our daily routine and lifestyle, we become healthier and happier human beings all year round. At a time where we are expected to make new year resolutions we can focus on something other than our health – as this would already be taken care of.