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Feeling guilty about Christmas?

This is a topic that is floating around quite a lot since Christmas is only around the corner, so I wanted to give you my views as to why I think GUILT & CHRISTMAS most definitely don’t belong together.

Yes my approach to fitness is pretty no nonsense, but just like you I’m only human and in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle we also have to be realistic. I believe we should all care about our health and our well being because essentially it is our body & mind that carries us through life. Moreover, an important part of nourishing and caring for our mind and body is not just regular exercise and eating greens, it’s about having a good positive relationship with food. Being able to enjoy restaurants, a glass of wine and socialising without the guilt – essentially it’s about balance and Christmas time is no different.

Every Sunday in my house we enjoy a big wholesome roast dinner followed by a pudding, give or take, you don’t have to have it if you don’t want it but its there, almost like a tradition. For me Christmas Day is not much different, it’s a more elaborate version of a family roast dinner, it’s hearty, wholesome and to be enjoyed by you and the whole family and so is the pudding! ‘Enjoyed’ is a key word there, this time of year is to be enjoyed, not feared or filled with guilt because you may put on a few pounds.

But the indulgence isn’t just on Christmas day?

Okay, fair enough, Christmas pretty much covers the whole of December and a little bit of January. Christmas parties start, we relax a little more and the supermarket shelves have literally doubled in height to fit the mince pies and Christmas puddings on. It doesn’t help that it’s freezing outside and we just want to snuggle up on the sofa with comforting food.

My answer to this would be, continue to go to the gym like you were, stay active, don’t give it up but also don’t feel like you have to double the amount of exercise you do to make up for the extra food you may eat. Don’t exhaust yourself. Just keep to your usually routine as much as possible.

Make smart choices with your alcohol as you’ll probably drink more than usual, enjoy your mulled wine but also try Gin & Slim line tonic or Vodka, soda & fresh lime as they’re lower in sugar but still a drink to enjoy.

Get stuck into your Christmas Dinner and all the trimmings, have fun at your work parties and festivities with friends and in between these celebrations eat how you were eating before. Why don’t you find some recipes for comforting but healthy food like hearty soups and casseroles?

4 weeks of a little more indulgence isn’t going to kill you, it might actually be good for you. We’re always so conscious of what we’re eating and we’re always being told what is wrong and what is right. Use this time to push all the rules to one side and to simply enjoy spending time with friends and family wherever you are in the world, use it as a time to relax and put your feet up. Not a time to stress and worry about calories and putting on weight.

Once the celebrations are over life will continue and we can carry on going to the gym and eating well with the occasional indulgence or glass of wine just like before. Completely guilt free.