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Training for the Virgin Money London Marathon together with Bucherer UK and my TAG Heuer Connected M

Training for the Virgin Money London Marathon hasn’t been easy. The beast from the east made running outside almost impossible, it was freezing, nevertheless as soon as the snow cleared up, I was on the streets of London getting back into the swing of things.

The TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 has definitely made getting back into training a lot more enjoyable and convenient because you can do so much with it.

By using the Google maps feature I’ve been able to change up my routes, keeping me motivated and entertained, there is nothing more tedious than the same old sites. As humans we tend to do things by habit so it really is easy to run the same routes, having the maps app conveniently on my wrist reminding me to change things up has been great.

Another feature that really comes in handy is Google Pay; I’ll often travel to a client or meeting in someone else’s car or on the train and run back, so I have to travel light. With this watch on my wrist, I can still make payments for things like lunch or water at the end of the run. It’s convenience like this that makes running 14 miles or so a lot easier to complete.

Despite these great features, running long distance requires a lot of mental strength especially when it isn’t your go to sport, for me swiping onto the calendar in the midst of the run to remind myself how close marathon day is has been a great no nonsense motivating tactic. Seeing as it's only several weeks away gets me back in the game and focused. It can take something as simple as a bad song or even a song I don’t fancy listening to, to affect my rhythm and mood, so a swipe onto calendar and the ability to change the song so easily through the watch keeps me in the right head space during training.

Just like most people I’m sure, when training for something like the marathon, you need all the help you can get from the resources you have and a watch like the TAG Heuer Connected Modular is definitely a resource I’ve utilised throughout. Keeping a track of your progress and speed is essential but isn’t always the thing that keeps you going when things get tough, I’m so grateful for the extra features this watch provides because they’ve added invaluable amounts of joy and motivation to my Virgin Money London Marathon training.